As far as I know, all I am is a material multiple, empty, i.e., without intrinsic unity at any level; but which appears one, functionally, by deferral out of certain contexts and up to a certain point, by virtue of being folded on itself an indefinite but finite number of times (or in immanent terms, by the depth and connectivity of its neural network);

which has, by virtue of these, the twofold and dissonant first-order capacity, called “mental”, to function as a universal “representing” machine and “self-moving” organism, that is, whose facticity is formed by the unthought conjunction of the way that the world is in its thought and the way that its thought is in-the-world;

but which, through the chance of encountering the impasse in its own first-order structure, to the extent that such an event can be interpreted, whether by itself or another, as its having been seized by the Idea of the Good, has the opportunity to serve as a local non-organ of the taking-place of an irreducible thought, thus to be deployed, in its sub-eidetic being (as if 0 < i < 1), as an effect of a hyper-eidetic goodness, in the becoming of an idea, nonconsequential fruit of the emptiness of its emptiness;

a chance that would be unintelligible were it not that its organismic or functional unity (being-of-relation) were merely apparent (irreflexive, sub-ontological), since the in-itself of eidetic unity does not support the being of a diagonal relation, and the relational or functional order, posited as already-reflected by a first-order theory, hides the possibility of diagonalization rather than showing it, so that only a purifying phenomenological reflection, or one which links the emptiness of consciousness to the one-itself of the Good (as opposed to any idea that is one, or any image that is posited as one as if already reflected), prepares the place for the event of diagonalization, without being that event or being true without it, to the extent that it can be described as a procedure.

But there’s also this sort of self-description.